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Software Quality Assurance Contractor and Freelancer

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15+ years of experience in Software Testing

I am a Contractor/Freelance Software Quality Assurance Engineer leaving in Europe, I have started Quality Assurance journey in 2008, since then Quality Assurance become my passion, especially when it comes to cross-browser test automation which I very like. I used to work as a Test Manger and Test Team Leader however I feel better in regular Quality Assurance Engineer roles where I can manually test the software, play with lots of tools and test automation.

People working on performance testing

Professional Services

What We Provide

Automated Testing

It is very hard to release a good working software without using Automation Testing. Design such automation is a very smart choice. Then you do not need an army of people to perform testing, automation does it for you so it is cost effective. There are many solutions on the market which might be a bad choice for you. We have experience with Selenium frameworks such as Protractor, Jasmine , JUnit and TestNG. We can provide Cross-Browser Testing in Java, JavaScript or C# integrated with any of the CI.

Functional & non-functional Testing

Testing the different functional areas of your Software Application is quiet common however there are also other none-functional aspects such as Performance Testing. We have experience with JMeter and other performance testing tools.

Integration Testing

Testing integration between components is a daily bread for Software Tester. For example in frontend - backend architecture quiet often you need to test backend API with tools such Postman or Soup UI, also frontend design should be checked to confirm if there are any gaps in design.

System Testing

Also known as end-to-end testing. System Testing is actually a series of different tests whose sole purpose is to exercise the full end-to-end functionality path, by using Black-box approach where you read system specification and based on that you perform all kinds of tests such functional or none-functional. Quiet often full Regression Testing is performed at this stage and User Acceptance Tests as well.

Performance Testing

The are the two the most common Performance Tests. We know them very well and We have experience with tools such JMeter. Load Testing is primarily concerned with testing that the system can continue to operate under a specific load. Stress Testing is a way to test reliability under unexpected or rare workloads.

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Sebastian Kwiatkowski

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